Brandi Evans
Chesapeake, VA
mountains of southwest Virginia

About Me: My name is Brandi and I dream up, cook up, eat up, and clean up over at BranAppetit! I was born in Portsmouth, VA and lived in Chesapeake, VA until I got married in 2004. I now live in the mountains of southwest Virginia with my husband, dog, and two cats. The majority of posts on my blog are recipes, and I like to keep a good balance between healthy and tasty meals and homemade desserts and other treats. I love using fresh, local, and seasonal foods and try to find ways to get others to buy fresh and local when possible or to grow their own. When I'm not in the kitchen, I love reading, hiking, and watching college football from August - January.

Recipes Posted by Brandi Evans:

After making my first ever bread pudding two years ago, I’ve become addicted to them. They are great for dessert and even better for breakfast. This bread pudding is perfect for summer when fresh cherries and berries are in season, but you can swap out the cherries in this for any fruit that you love and make it all year long.

I’m sure I go through the same lunch ruts as most people. There are only so many sandwich and salad combinations you can make! But this sandwich stays in my rotation and can change with the seasons. The mix of peanut butter and fresh berries covers up the flavor of the carrots and lettuce, but you still get in some vegetables. Not bad for a workday lunch!

Growing up, my mom’s no bake cookies were one of my favorite treats. This version is based on her basic cocoa no bake cookie, but they’re bumped up a bit with some peanut butter flavor and pretzel “spider legs,” making them a perfect Halloween treat.

Chicken and waffles seems to be all the rage right now, and while I have yet to have it at a restaurant, I decided it was time to make my own version at home. These chicken bites are breaded and baked, nestled on a golden buttermilk waffle, and drizzled with a maple peanut butter and honey glaze. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner – it doesn’t matter when you make these. Just do it!

Homemade pudding is something that has always intimidated me, but I finally tried it and fell in love! This salted caramel pudding is layered with a fresh vanilla whipped cream and a chocolate and peanut butter whipped cream and sprinkled with salt. If you don’t have single serving dishes, you can layer this mix in one big serving bowl.

One of my favorite weekend breakfasts is a plate full of warm cinnamon rolls and fresh fruit with coffee on the side. This twist on my regular cinnamon rolls has the classic flavors of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, rolled up into whole grain dough, and drizzled with a tangy yogurt and peanut butter glaze.

PB & J Rolls with Peanut Butter Yogurt Glaze