Helen Graves
Food Stories
Gloucestershire, UK
Peckham, UK

About Me: I was raised in Gloucestershire but moved (via Oxford) to Peckham in South East London nearly 6 years ago. I’ve been writing my blog, Food Stories for the past 5; it’s predominantly a recipe blog and is heavily influenced by Peckham, which is one of the most culturally diverse areas in the country. I use a lot of Caribbean, African and Middle Eastern ingredients in my recipes as a result. I’m very proud of where I live and work hard to promote the positive aspects of living in Peckham. I’ve also recently started writing a second blog, called The London Review of Sandwiches, which does what it says on the tin.

Besides eating, cooking and writing about it, I also enjoy drinking wine and I’ve taken several courses. I’m a relentless consumer of books, particularly those set in Victorian London and modern American fiction and I also collect old Victorian tiles and vintage drinks posters - both rather niche! I’m also studying for a PhD in psychology.

Recipes Posted by Helen Graves:

This is a burger recipe with a rather unusual topping – peanut butter! It’s a bit wacky and will be most suited to the hardcore peanut butter lover, which is why I’ve named it the Elvis Burger.

Peanut Butter “Elvis” Burger