Jeanne Horak
Cook Sister
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
London, England

About Me: Cook Sister is a collection of recollections and stories that all relate back to food - it's not the place for somebody who likes their recipes to come with no preamble! There is also a strongly South African slant to the recipes and a fair bit of foodie travel writing. In addition to writing Jeanne also enjoys photography, skiing, and travel.

Recipes Posted by Jeanne Horak:

No matter how long you live in a foreign country, you will always be a child of the place where you were born – and in my case, that would be Africa. The inspiration for this soup comes from spicy traditional African groundnut and chicken stews. Although no less hearty, this recipe takes those flavors and adapts them to make a soup that’s both vegetarian and deeply satisfying in a way that only the taste of home can be.

As a child growing up in South Africa, I used to read American Archie comics with total fascination. The things the characters talked about always seemed so exotic to me – even simple things like root beer and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I had not yet learned that jelly was the American version of our jam – and besides, we always ate our peanut butter sandwiches with golden syrup! These sandwiches still give you the caramelized syrup to go with your peanut butter, but also add a deliciously healthy twist with apple slices. This makes a great weekend breakfast treat!

Caramelized Apple & Crunchy Peanut Butter Sandwiches