Lee Tilghman
Fairfield, Connecticut
Los Angeles, California

About Me: Everything about food and the food industry entices me. Coming from a long line of chefs, both by profession and by passion, I've always been extremely passionate about eating healthy, plant-based foods. I've been involved in almost every aspect of the industry, from WWOOF'ing on organic farms to helping open up restaurants, including Soho's premier market to table restaurant, Chalk Point Kitchen.
Now, I live in Los Angeles, where I am a food stylist, recipe developer, food photographer, yoga teacher, workshop leader, video maker, smoothie drinker, wellness writer, caterer, and kombucha maker

Recipes Posted by Lee Tilghman:

Peanut butter noodles have long been a comfort food for me. I used to love the taste of thick cold noodles, drenched in a peanut buttery sesame sauce, so filling and delicious! Being older and more health conscious, I wanted to make it more healthful. I added more vegetables and used only whole, plant-based ingredients in this recipe. I used a traditional peanut butter noodle recipe, and made it my own by adding lots of colorful, whole vegetables. Prep time: 30 minutes Cook Time: 4 minutes Total time: […]

Chia seeds are no longer just for growing chia pets! These protein rich seeds of wonder start small but absorb up to eight times their size when immersed in liquid. Chia pudding is a fast and easy way to fill up with little prep time. Adding a sweet, salty vanilla peanut butter flavor turns this dish into a very decadent snack for any time of day — all while maintaining many essential vitamins and nutrients in their raw state.

Vanilla Peanut Butter Chia Pudding Jars