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About Me: It all started in a cozy little shop in Greenwich Village NYC, famous for making the world's greatest peanut butter sandwiches. Now our ten varieties of all natural peanut butter are available at over 10,000 stores throughout the US & Canada, and are even sold as far away as the UK, Japan, and Hong Kong.

Recipes Posted by Peanut Butter Co.:

Happy PB&J Day! To celebrate our favorite day of the year, our friends at Bonne Maman helped us create this twist on the all-American classic. You can make your own chocolate babka, or for a quick and easy treat, just pick up a freshly baked on at your local bakery. Enjoy!

It’s no secret in the Peanut Butter & Co offices that sometimes breakfast is just a spoonful or three of White Chocolate Wonderful, but on days when we have more time, and especially when it’s National Cereal Day, we like to snag a bowl of cereal from our friends at Back to the Roots. To celebrate National Cereal Day, we’re joining forces to give away a year’s supply of peanut butter and cereal, so no matter how your day gets started, it’s with something good on your spoon. You can enter with the Gleam form at the bottom of this page, and make yourself some delicious toast in the mean time.

Happy Ants on a Log Day! To celebrate this momentous occasion, co-created by us and our friends at Duda Farm Fresh Foods, we’ve created three unique Ants on a Log variations to go along with the classic recipe. Be sure to try all four!

Ants on a Log Four Ways