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Peanut Butter Honey Lattes

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Lattes are a fun coffee shop treat, but did you know you can easily make them in your own home? If you don’t own a milk frother, you can use an immersion blender, small hand-held mixer, or even a whisk and a little elbow grease. The best thing about it is you can stay in your pjs while making it!

I love the flavor of this peanut butter and honey latte. It’s subtle, and fun. Using The Bee’s Knees brings out the honey more, but if all you have in your cupboard is Smooth Operator, that’ll do just fine.

Prep time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5-10 minutes
Total time: 15 minutes
Yield: 2 lattes

Peanut Butter Honey Lattes


Peanut Butter Honey Lattes Ingredients - Peanut Butter & Co. The Bee's Knees peanut butter

1 1/2 cups milk
3 tablespoons The Bee’s Knees peanut butter
2-3 tablespoons honey, depending on desired sweetness
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup fresh hot espresso or strong coffee


1. In a small saucepan set over medium heat, combine the milk, peanut butter, honey, and vanilla, stirring until smooth. When mixture is steaming, use a whisk, immersion blender, small hand-held mixer, or milk frother to froth the milk until light and foamy.

Peanut Butter Honey Lattes - combine the milk, peanut butter, honey and vanilla, stirring until smooth

Peanut Butter Honey Lattes - froth the milk until light and foamy

2. Divide the hot coffee between 2 large mugs. Add the frothy milk mixture and serve immediately.

Peanut Butter Honey Lattes - Add the frothy milk mixture

Peanut Butter Honey Lattes - serve immediately


What other peanut butter beverage recipes would you like to see?

Leave a comment below with your answer to enter for a chance at winning a jar of of The Bee’s Knees, the peanut butter used in this recipe.


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22 Responses to Peanut Butter Honey Lattes

  1. Dandi D says:

    A peanut butter shake is always yummy!

  2. Sarah says:

    Paybe a peanut butter martini or hot chocolate

  3. Mary W says:

    Peanut butter coffee drink. Now that would be a good pick me up for that afternoon slump!

  4. Susan P. says:

    I would like to see smoothie recipes with peanut butter.

  5. Maria A says:

    Peanut butter hot cocoa sounds amaaaaazing.

  6. Krysti Golden says:

    Peanut butter chai!

  7. Kelli says:

    How about a peanut butter milkshake/smoothie.

  8. Kali says:

    an oatmeal peanut butter smoothie sounds delicious!

  9. Judith rontal says:

    Peanut butter banana smoothies!

  10. Lauren says:

    I would like to see a peanut butter chai tea latte.

  11. Amanda Collins says:

    A Thai tea with peanut butter would be great; the spicy PB would probably be best.

  12. Trudy Linscomb says:

    Peanut Butter soda. (something carbonated) 🙂


  13. Joslyn says:

    a peanut butter frappuccino would be so good!

  14. Jessica says:

    Something warm… with coffee and chocolate 🙂

  15. Dawn says:

    Peanut Butter Bananas Foster Latte or milkshake/smoothie!

  16. patty shea says:

    Peanut butter ice cream!

  17. Michelle H. says:

    I would love to see a recipe for peanut butter and chocolate fudge.

  18. Beth says:

    Iced coffee peanut butter recipes. Maybe one with chocolate PB. Oh and milkshakes are always good!

  19. Frank says:

    A peanut butter mocha frappe just in time for summer!

  20. Jessica says:

    An adult beverage…maybe a Dark Chocolate Dreams Mudslide!

  21. Kayte CookWatts says:

    II ike the idea of peanut butter marinades for grilled meats.

  22. Donna says:

    I would like a recipe for a peanut butter chocolate scone.

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Peanut Butter Honey Lattes