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We admit this peanut butter and pickle sandwich might sound strange, and the first time a woman ordered it, we couldn’t quite believe it ourselves. She was pregnant and two weeks past due and said she had this craving.

NutriBullet shares their favorite ways to use Mighty Nut powdered peanut butter–in smoothies, avocado pudding, smoothie bowls, and shakes!

A mighty fine combination! This sandwich is for anyone who likes a little maple syrup on their bacon at the diner. The crunchy maple sugar in Mighty Maple meets crispy bacon for a sandwich that’s like your favorite breakfast plate between two pieces of wheat toast!

Think of this sandwich as a Thai satay between two pieces of bread. For a vegetarian twist, try it with grilled tofu instead of chicken, or try using mango chutney instead of pineapple preserves. Both versions are also great heated up on a grill or in a sandwich press.

This was by far the most popular sandwich at Peanut Butter & Co. It makes a hearty lunch, an economical dinner, and a great late-night snack! A grilled peanut butter sandwich, stuffed with bananas and honey. Try it with bacon! Long live the King!

A double deck PB&J club for when one sandwich just isn’t enough!

When Lee was a little kid, his grandparents would sometimes take him out to lunch at a local diner, where there was a huge glass case filled with fancy-looking cakes. The Black Forest cake, with its mounds of whipped cream, cherries, and long curls of chocolate, was his dessert of choice. When he was working on the Peanut Butter & Co. meanu, he had an idea to try to model a sandwich after that dessert. He made a sandwich with Dark Chocolate Dreams and cherry preserves, but it needed something more—coconut!

Peanut Butter & Co. Sandwich Shop: The Dark Chocolate Dreams Sandwich