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Peanut Butter Swirl Marshmallows

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This Easter, surprise your loved ones with fluffy, bouncy, peanut butter swirled marshmallows in their baskets. Store-bought marshmallows can’t hold a candle to these homemade treats. They’re softer, less sweet, yet packed with more melt-in-your-mouth flavor than the ones from a bag. Don’t be intimidated by the use of a candy thermometer or gelatin. It’s just a matter of heating and beating the ingredients. If you can read a temperature and turn on a stand mixer then you can make marshmallows!

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total time: 3 hours and 30 minutes (includes 3 hours of cooling time)
Yield: 1 9×13-inch pan of marshmallows

Peanut Butter Swirl Marshmallows


Peanut Butter Swirl Marshmallows Ingredients - Peanut Butter & Co. Old Fashioned Smooth

1/2 cup cold water
2 tablespoons plus 2 1/2 teaspoons gelatin
2 large egg whites
2 cups sugar
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup corn syrup
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup Old Fashioned Smooth peanut butter
2 tablespoons Old Fashioned Smooth peanut butter
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 tablespoon cornstarch
3 tablespoons icing sugar


The secret to marshmallow success is to have all of your ingredients ready and at hand.

1. In a small bowl, stir together the powdered gelatin and 1/2 cup cold water. Place in your microwave so that it will be ready to heat up when necessary.

Peanut Butter Swirl Marshmallows - stir together the powdered gelatin and 1/2 cup cold water

2. Place the two egg whites in the bowl of your mixer – do not turn it on yet. Line the bottom of a 9×13-inch pan with parchment paper and grease the sides. Set aside.

3. In a medium sized pot, stir together the 2 cups of sugar, 1/2 cup of water, corn syrup, and salt. Place the pot over medium-high heat and stir until the sugar has dissolved and the mixture is boiling. Stop stirring and allow to boil on medium heat while monitoring the temperature with the thermometer.

4. Once the temperature hits 220°F, turn your mixer on high to whip the egg whites into stiff peaks. Heat the gelatin in the microwave for 20-30 seconds to melt it. Keep an eye on the syrup’s temperature and remove it from the heat as soon as it hits 240°F.

5. Set the pot of syrup beside your mixer (careful, it’s hot!) and take the melted gelatin from the microwave. With the mixer still running, slowly pour the gelatin in a thin stream.

6. Next, turn the mixer’s speed to medium and slowly pour the syrup into the mixer’s bowl in a thin stream. Once all of the syrup has been added, turn the mixer to high and beat for 10-12 minutes until mixer’s bowl has cooled to room temperature and the marshmallow mixture is thick and fluffy.

7. Using a spatula, scoop out approximately 1/4 of the marshmallow fluff into a bowl. Gently fold in the 1/2 cup of Old Fashioned Smooth peanut butter until the mixture is light brown and mostly combined.

Peanut Butter Swirl Marshmallows - Gently fold in the 1/2 cup of Old Fashioned Smooth peanut butter

Peanut Butter Swirl Marshmallows - until the mixture is light brown and mostly combined

8. Scrape the peanut butter marshmallow back into the mixer bowl, pour in the teaspoon of vanilla, then gently (this is important!) fold in the peanut butter marshmallow 3-4 times. Do not over fold or you risk deflating the marshmallow too much. The peanut butter marshmallow should not combine completely; it will create swirls in the plain marshmallow mixture.

9. Scrape the marshmallow mixture into the prepared pan and gently smooth it down. Use a wet or greased spatula to prevent it from sticking.

10. Drizzle the two tablespoons of Old Fashioned Smooth peanut butter over the top of the smoothed marshmallow, then use a toothpick or chopstick to pull it into swirls along the top. Allow the marshmallows to set completely (approximately 3 hours to overnight).

Peanut Butter Swirl Marshmallows - use a toothpick or chopstick to pull it into swirls along the top

Peanut Butter Swirl Marshmallows - Allow the marshmallows to set completely

11. Stir together the cornstarch and icing sugar and sprinkle some of it over the top of the marshmallows. Then use a knife to slice the marshmallows into cubes and toss the cubes in the icing sugar/cornstarch mixture to coat the sticky sides. Shake off the excess.

Peanut Butter Swirl Marshmallows - toss the cubes in the icing sugar/cornstarch mixture to coat the sticky sides

12. Package the marshmallows in little boxes, bags, or plastic Easter eggs and tuck away in baskets for a seasonal surprise!

Peanut Butter Swirl Marshmallows - tuck away in baskets for a seasonal surprise


What is your favorite food to put marshmallows on?

Leave a comment below with your answer to enter for a chance at winning a jar of of Old Fashioned Smooth, the peanut butter used in this recipe.


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17 Responses to Peanut Butter Swirl Marshmallows

  1. Sarah says:

    Love marshmallows sooo much!!! Love to roast them and eat them right off the stick!!

  2. Mary W says:

    I have never eaten homemade marshmallows but I have a feeling when I do, I will want to eat them with everything. Imagine these PB marshmallows cut into small cubes and added to ice cream. Yum!

  3. Susan P. says:

    I like marshmallows on S’mores or on top of hot chocolate (not very original, I know).

  4. Kelli says:

    My favorite is toasted on a graham cracker in a s’more.

  5. Amy C. says:

    I love to add mini marshmallows to fruit salads.

  6. Judith says:

    I love putting marshmallows inside a banana with chocolate and then putting them on the grill. Banana boats!!!

  7. Kristen says:

    I can’t wait to go camping this summer because I love s’mores!

  8. Wehaf says:

    I love marshmallows in hot chocolate!

  9. Amy says:

    Marshmallows and chocolate! These peanut butter marshmallows look so good – they would be good with some chocolate melted on top too!

  10. LynneMarie says:

    S’mores is what I mostly put marshmallows on.

  11. Dandi D says:

    My son loves to have marshmallows in Jello.

  12. Jessica says:

    I love marshmallows as much as I love peanut butter and I will eat them just straight up. Or fluffernutters, s’mores, whoopie pies, hot cocoa, rice krispies treats…

  13. Jessica W says:

    Peanut butter brownies, topped with toasted peanut butter marshmallows with a chocolate drizzle. OMG!

  14. Frank says:

    Peanut butter, of course!

  15. Christine Brady says:

    My favorite food to eat marshmallow on ? Easy. A spoonful of peanut butter.

  16. Michelle H says:


  17. Abby says:

    Oh, this is so hard, because I LOVE marshmallows!!! Some of my favorites are s’mores and marshmallows & peanut butter. 🙂

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Peanut Butter Swirl Marshmallows